Finding YOUR Way Onscreen: Your Type, Your Track, Your Toolbox

This workshop is for actors with BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE experience working on-camera.


1. Learn Your Superpower – Help you identify, embrace and market your Type and Career Goals.
2. Equip Your Toolbelt – Provide tips and techniques to stretch within your range and strengthen weaker spots.
3. Know Your Kryptonite – Suggest roles, ranges and pitfalls to avoid altogether.

Use What Works

Your Superpower –  You’ll learn why Hollywood typecasts, how to use this to your advantage, and when to deviate from your Type.

The Toolbelt – I’ve read the books, audited the classes, stolen the best bits (and ditched the baloney) of the methods of dozens of acclaimed acting teachers. We will help you find and personalize the combination of techniques and practices that work best for you.

Kryptonite – Through acting exercises and scene work, we’ll help you discover or verify what roles and scenarios to avoid. We’ll cover common screen acting concepts like:

The Blink: Michael Caine was part right. Find out why.
The Crying Game: Are tears really the ultimate test of the actor.
The Power of Stillness.
Listening. Being the spotlight on the other actor.
Empathy. Mirroring and Blocking.

The Plan

We will learn to rehearse a scene both without dialogue and in our own words so that when the director calls ACTION, we have the emotion, objectives, and subtext of our scenes in muscle memory and stand NO chance of freezing or flubbing.

We’ll also reinforce critical practices like “the three entrances,” “discoveries,” “relationships,” “sense of place,” “love,” “conflict,” “desire” and sift in some new ones like micro-expressions, self-delusion and auto-pilot versus hard thinking delivery of text
and body language.

Finally, we will come at On-Camera Improvisation from two directions. How to use it in rehearsal – in character, in context and true to all set frames of reference. How and if to use it when the cameras are rolling. (Hint: Ask permission from the director.)

The Schedule

Tuesday, May 21 (6-10PM): Preparation.
Saturday, May 25 (Noon-4PM): Preliminary scene taping and review. Running the scenes in all three modes: without dialogue, in our own words, then scripted. Further feedback, redirections and discussion.
Tuesday, May 28 (6-10PM): More exercises and instruction for finding types and personalizing methods.
Saturday, June 1 (Noon-4PM): Re-tape using class and rehearsal lessons. Review. Q&A.

Jack will be available for individual questions and clarification to all participants by phone or FaceTime during the two weeks of the workshop.

Location: Mosser Casting, 3583 Butler Street, Pittsburgh 225201
Cost: $220 for registrations before May 13. $250 afterwards.



Jack Erdie HeadshotJack Erdie has been playing killers, dealers and other menaces in film and television for 24 years. He is best known in film as Scratch in SUDDEN DEATH and Meth Guy in OUT OF THE FURNACE – in which he went head to head with Christian Bale and Sam Shepard and held his own. And on television as Richard Speck in the David Fincher/Netflix series MINDHUNTER.

Jack has stolen and modified methods from at least a dozen world-class acting teachers, directors, and high-level actors. He even paid for lessons once and took Howard Fine’s Foundational Intensive. (It was worth it.)

Having struggled in the industry for two and a half decades, made all the wrong moves and connections, and learned many lessons the hard way, he finally got it and seems to be doing everything correctly with great results.

Since it’s past time to give something back: He would like to help other aspiring performers make the right moves and connections and profit from those lessons to build more effective, streamlined careers.