Auditioning For Commercials: Tips From An Agency Veteran, with Dave Manganelli

Let’s face it — the audition process can be a frustrating experience for any actor, no matter what their skill level might be.

During the pandemic, the big shift towards self-taping & video callbacks have added another layer of potential frustration to the mix. You often lose the very valuable experience of getting direct feedback from the director and the agency in the room, as well as losing your own ability to “read the room” and assess how you’re doing.

Is it any wonder the whole process can sometimes bring you to tears?!

HOWEVER – the whole process is still necessary, as agencies will always need to book actors for every type of commercial project. In this workshop, Dave will walk you thru the ins and outs of auditioning, including:

– Basic advice for SELF-TAPING (tips on cameras, lighting, audio, etc)
– How to PREP for a commercial audition
– The one big ADVANTAGE that self-taping gives you
– How AGENCIES AND DIRECTORS actually evaluate your auditions and determine callbacks
– The ONE MAJOR SKILL that all agencies & directors look for in auditions
– How to overcome common AUDITION CHALLENGES
– WHAT NOT TO DO during in-person auditions/callbacks
– ADVICE on how to conduct yourself on-set/on-location WHEN YOU DO BOOK A JOB
– and MORE!

This is an actor-friendly workshop geared to both those new to acting as well as those with experience looking to reboot their approach to auditioning in this crazy new era.

FEE: $135 (maximum 20 attendees)
DATE: Tuesday, October 17
TIME: 6:15-8:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Mosser Casting Studio, Lawrenceville, 3583 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201



Dave Manganelli is a long-time veteran agency producer with nearly 150 TV and radio spots to his credit, including the PA Lottery, Rite Aid, True Value, National Make-A-Wish Foundation, and other. Dave also directed hundreds of scripted corporate projects for Development Dimensions International (DDI), for which he’s won a Gold in The NY Festivals, a Cine Golden Eagle, the John Cleese Comedy Award, a Monitor Award, and others.

He also believes he may be one of only a few who have both directed a project for Mister Rogers AND been a zombie for George Romero.

Always a key creative player in selecting and hiring talent for projects, he’s evaluated literally several thousand auditions over his career, and has seen it all — the good, the bad, and everything in between — and wants to help you cope with the whole crazy process. He loves working with actors, knows how valuable they are in the process, and is thrilled to pass his excellent insights and advice on to you in this fun and informative workshop.

DISCLAIMER: This class is a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. Please note that the person teaching this class is not a casting director and is not directly involved with the general casting process at Nancy Mosser Casting.