Since 1990, we’ve been putting Pittsburgh’s top talent in Films, TV shows, Commercials, Music videos, Training videos, Print advertisements and more!

From billion-dollar blockbusters like, The Dark Knight Rises to exciting TV shows like, Supah Ninjas, we’ve placed actors and extras in scenes with Academy Award-winning actors, legendary athletes, and best-selling musicians.

We always have new and exciting projects and would love for you to be involved!


The first step is to create a profile with our company by clicking here. This places you in our database and puts you on our radar for when jobs open up matching your description.

Agency Pro is a software company that we have partnered with to run our talent database.

Basically, there are 2 types of accounts with Agency Pro Software.

The first is an unactivated (free) profile:

Everyone must create a profile to be considered on file. The information is stored in our electronic database. The free online profile allows you to upload 2 pictures of yourself and type in your resume. You can do this from the convenience of your own home on your computer. You are responsible for maintaining your own information. This database is what we will be utilizing to contact talent for projects that we are working on, so it is important to make sure your information stays current. Your information in this in-house electronic database will only be accessible to you and our staff who have all signed non-disclosure agreements.

The second is an activated profile which has a monthly fee paid to Agency Pro:

Talent with activated files have their own professional website that they can use to market themselves.  In addition, those with active files can have up to 20 pictures, VO demos, and video clips. If you are interested in activating your account, contact Agency Pro at 1-800-985-9147. Mosser Casting is not involved with the monetary side of Agency Pro. This is a service that the software company provides to talent who want to market themselves.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to include one photo of your face and one full body shot. Remember, you shouldn’t be wearing sunglasses, hats or costumes in your pictures. We need the best possible photos of you so that we can present you to our clients.



Quite often, we email casting calls to our talent as well as posting them to our social media pages. When submitting yourself for a project, there a certain rules you should follow. Make sure to read all of the details on the casting call before you submit yourself.

Many times, we receive pictures that we are not able to use for one reason or another. We are going to list the DO’S AND DON’TS below so that you can learn how to heighten your chances of being chosen by the client:

DON’T submit a picture where you are wearing a hat, sunglasses, a mask or a costume. The client wants to see how you look everyday.

DON’T submit a mirror selfie or a picture where you’re making a silly expression such as duck face or sticking your tongue out.

DON’T submit a picture that is overly artistic where you aren’t facing or looking at the camera. Also, never submit a picture that is taken from a distance where you aren’t very visible. The most important part of any picture submit is being able to see you clearly and from the front. Rule of thumb, ALWAYS submit a picture of you looking at the camera and not off into the distance.

DON’T submit a picture of your profile or a picture that is just of your face. Picture submits should always be full-length or from the waist up, unless otherwise specified. A picture of just your face doesn’t show the client any of your body and physique is often just as important.

DON’T send photos of yourself with other people. Even if you explain that you’re the person standing with the blue T-shirt, you’re diminishing the chances that you get selected.

ALWAYS submit a color photo with no filter. Black and white is outdated.

ALWAYS ask yourself if this picture is the best representation of you. For example, If the Casting Director is asking for talent to submit for a role as a Steel Worker, you wouldn’t submit a picture of yourself in goth makeup and clothing. Always submit a picture that’s indicative of the role you want to be cast in.

ALWAYS put your name in the filename. So, Instead of sending us “Image5680.jpg,” you would send “FirstName.LastName.jpg”

-Lastly, ALWAYS make sure to include your name and contact information in the email.

If you ever need clarification on what the client is looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We always want you to have the best possible chance of being cast!



We are firm believers in continuing to develop your acting skills, no matter your level.  There is always more to learn.  We are very fortunate to have some of Pittsburgh’s top actors as studio instructors to help you get to where you want to be in your career.

For more information on Workshops offered at Mosser Casting please, visit our Workshop Page.


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