How can I be an Actor or Extra with NMC?

Everyone should create an online profile with us by clicking here. It is free unless you want to have an acting website to market yourself either through us or independently. This is called an “activated” account.

With the free profile, you will be able to upload 2 pictures of yourself. Make sure these pictures are a good representation of how you look now.

Actors: Like every other profession, acting is a job that requires training and experience. Every day we are looking for trained actors for projects that require different levels of skill. Please make sure that you include all of your training in your profile including all college level and post-college training and also any acting experience in theater, film, television, radio and corporate projects.

Extras: You do not need any previous experience! What we do need are people who are reliable and who don’t mind working days that can last for 12-14 hours. People who enjoy movies, tv shows and theater productions love being extras as it gets them a front row seat to see how it all works. They are also a crucial part of something that will last for generations to come. We need people of all ages, ethnicities and sizes!

What does it mean to be on file with NMC?

After you have created your online profile, you are considered to be on file with NMC. Being on file with us means that you are officially registered to be considered for any projects that we are casting.


Please Note, It is up to you to keep your profile updated with current information and pictures.

What is Agency Pro?

Agency Pro is a software company. We have purchased their software and use it to run our talent database. To reach Agency Pro with any questions about your Active talent Account, please call 1-800-985-9147. Agency Pro handles all transactions.

What if I am represented by a Talent Agent?

Being on file with us will not affect the relationship any talent has with their agent. We always reach out to the agents when we have projects.


WHEN YOU CREATE AND MAINTAIN YOUR PROFILE, MAKE SURE THAT YOU INCLUDE YOUR AGENT’S CONTACT INFORMATION under the representation section. We will then contact your agent if we want you for an audition or if one of our clients wants to book you.


Please keep in mind that when you are under contract with a talent agent, you can not be booked directly by us for anything besides movie extra work.

What is the difference between a Casting Director and a Talent Agent?

As Casting Directors, we are paid by the client to find the best possible talent for a production whether they are represented or not. We accept anyone into our files regardless of their experience but we don’t find actors work, that is the job of a Talent Agent. Since we are paid by the production company or advertising agency who hires us, we never take commission from talent whom we book.


Talent Agents audition and select actors with whom they are interested in representing based on their talent and look. Once someone is under contract with an agent, the agent will submit the actor for work and help to cultivate their career. They earn commission from any jobs that their talent book.


A Production company is who actually hires you, not Nancy Mosser Casting so we are NEVER the Employer of Record. We are just the ones who get you seen 🙂

How do I find out about upcoming projects?

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media. We are quite active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, make sure your email address is always up-to-date on your profile and that our email blasts aren’t going to your junk/spam mail as we often send casting calls to you directly.

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