Casting Local Speaking Roles on Ethan Coen Film!

Hello Friends!

We are working in tandem with Casting Directors Debbie DeLisi, Adam DeLisi, Ellen Chenoweth & Rachel Tenner on the “Untitled Road Comedy” which is being Directed by Ethan Coen and filming this fall in Pittsburgh!

Starring Margaret Qualley (“Maid”) and Geraldine Viswanathan (“Blockers”), this untitled comedy follows two queer young women in ‘99 – on a road trip from Philadelphia to Tallahassee.

We’re still accepting submissions for local speaking roles so take a peek below and see if you fit any of the specs! (Current SAG daily rate is $1082)

COP:All types. Male. Very “DRY.” He’s all business (not over the top). REAL. Natural voice (bonus if legit Georgia accent, but not required). Commanding shape.

LOCK-UP THUG: Male. Street mugger type. Intimidating but not over the top. Could be a “lug.”

NEIGHBOR HUSBAND: Male. 30’s-40’s. Unshaven PBR swillin’ kind of guy; possibly beer gut (thinning, tufted hair guys encouraged).

CICERO’S WAITER: Male. 30’s-40’s. Means business. Grizzled; somewhat menacing. Takes job seriously, stone faced. Physically capable; gets into a fight. Italian type w/paunch welcome.

SUGAR N’ SPICE DJ:LGBTQ+ encouraged. All types. Female identifying. Live wire! Great w/improv. Can command a room! Note if you have DJ experience.

AMBER:LGBTQ+ encouraged. All types. Female. 20’s-30’s. Party girl; giggly. Lives in the middle-of-nowhere. Somewhat callow. Goes back to hotel w/lead.

SOCCER GIRL #3 & #4:LGBTQ+ encouraged. All types. Female identifying. Early 20’s. Athletic looking. They live for soccer & slumber parties. Some scenes involve consensual touching.

BAXTER’S WAITER:All types. Male. “Professional” waiter. DRY type. Non expressive, stone faced; he doesn’t try too hard. Please note if you have upscale waiter experience.

OLD MAN (MOTEL #1): Male. Late 60’s-80’s. “Not Well.” Heavy breather.

“JAMIE” Body Double (body double for lead actress in intimate scene w/other lead woman; full nudity): 5’8”, Caucasian, size 4-8, SLIM build, Modelesque body type.

“MARIAN” Body Double (body double for lead actress in intimate scene w/other lead woman; full nudity): 5’6 1/2”, Ethnically ambiguous, lighter skinned East Indian, Middle Eastern, size 6-8, shapely.



>> Email: [email protected]

>> Subject Line: Your First & Last name, role above, if applicable. UNION or NON-UNION. Pittsburgh local* (*this means you can work in the Pittsburgh PA area; NO TRAVEL WILL BE COMPENSATED)

>> Attach 3-4 photos: full body & face close-ups (one smiling w/teeth). SHOW US YOUR PERSONALITY!

>>Please include your Location and Phone Number when submitting. Do you have a Talent Agent and if so, who?

>> UNION or NON-UNION: Either you’re a SAG AFTRA member OR non-union (not ‘SAG eligible’).


  • YOUR HONEST LOOK NOWTHE REAL YOU! Cell pics taken RECENTLY, not yrs ago. Pls no headshots, professional/studio pics. Pics should be cell phone style, honest portrayals of how you really look!
  • NATURAL: NO filters, retouching, or editing your real look! Don’t ‘hide’ unique features, smooth facial lines, etc.
  • We love INTERESTING faces w/unique features!


We look forward to seeing your submission and will follow-up with next steps if we feel you are right for the role! Thanks!