Auditioning & Self-Taping from Home w/ Randy Kovitz & Deborah Hosking

Auditioning & Self-Taping from Home w/ Randy Kovitz & Deborah Hosking

Self-taped auditions are now a vital part of the film, TV, and commercial casting process. These days, if you audition for anything, chances are that you’ll be required to film yourself at home and submit that video for consideration.

This four-session class, for actors ages 18 and older, will outline the acting and technical skills needed to make a quality self-taped audition. As part of the class, you will shoot and upload auditions using real TV and film scripts, get feedback on all aspects, and polish your skills to make your self-tapes professional and memorable. One session will feature casting director Nancy Mosser (IMDb) sharing her knowledge and advice.

Topics will include:
– Acting and movement on camera
– Lighting
– Sound
– Slating
– Framing
– Background
– Using a Reader
– Professional courtesy and best practices
– From phone to delivery: Working with large video files
– Video formats and compressions

Time requirements:
You will need to work outside of class to shoot mock auditions and to learn and practice the technical and software skills you’ll need to audition successfully on camera.

The Instructors:
The class will be team-taught by Randy Kovitz (IMDb) and Deborah Hosking. Randy is a working actor, director and filmmaker. He books acting jobs regularly in New York and Los Angeles via video audition, and has helped other actors do the same. He teaches Acting for the Camera for the Carnegie Mellon University school of drama.

Deborah is an editor-videographer, filmmaker and teacher, with years of experience taping actors’ auditions and creating highlight reels.

Fee: $250.00 (maximum 16 students)

-Tuesday, Aug. 29
-Thursday, Aug. 31
-Tuesday, Sept. 5
-Tuesday, Sept. 12

Time: 7 pm EST

Location: Mosser Casting Studio, Lawrenceville: 3583 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA. 15201

Note: Attendees must be at least 18 year old and show proof of COVID vaccination to attend.

What you will need:
– A smart phone or digital camera
– A tripod (with a phone clip, if you are shooting with your phone)
– A computer in good working order with an up-to-date operating system
– Internet access

For more information, please email [email protected].


“THANK YOU – I feel so much more confident in my ability to tape, my on-camera acting, and my ability to format and send files. Such important skills these days.”
— Alison Weisgall

I just wanted to let you know I booked an Apple+ show in Philadelphia from a self tape! I have auditioned [with that casting director] many times in the past 2.5 years both for this project and others. I had gotten notes from them in the past as well that my self tapes weren’t up to par and some couldn’t be sent to the producers. But they never gave up on me and kept calling me back and I know for a fact your workshop helped me improve on and fine tune the things I had been trying to unsuccessfully self correct on my own. Just wanted to let you know that without your workshop, I probably would not have booked this job so I am thrilled I took it!
—Cindy Jackson

“This class has been a real delight and learning experience and I thank you for every moment. I’m encouraged that self-taping ISN’T something I have to hate AND I can be more myself than I thought I ever could. Thank you for your patience, wonderful feedback, and expertise.”
— Jamie Agnello

“I truly appreciate all your help, patience and encouragement. I have computer anxiety and Deborah got me past a big hurdle.”
— Anne Landay

“Randy Kovitz is a master on-camera teacher and his guidance, both technically and artistically, has helped me book several difficult jobs through self-tape audition submissions.”
– Cotter Smith, (Mindhunter series regular, veteran actor)

“Randy Kovitz possesses the unique qualities that make a top-notch expert in self-taping: He is a brilliant actor and he is in command of all the technical aspects of putting together a successful taped audition. I know because he taped me and I booked a job! Couldn’t recommend a better person for this very important aspect of our industry.” – Andrew Polk (House of Cards, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Broadway’s The Band’s Visit)

“I booked a co-starring role on Public Morals as a result of our self tape. No further auditions were required. The self tape was it. And this is rare. It was a brand new series that aired on TNT for one season. Critically praised. Edward Burns was the director, and Steven Spielberg was the executive producer.”
– Ciarin Byrne

“Randy’s taping and camera work was instrumental in my getting cast in The Winters Tale at The Folger Theatre in DC. His expertise in filming/editing/guidance for actors on self-taping is remarkable. I could not recommend him more highly.”
– David Whalen (Stage and film actor)

Disclaimer: This class is a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. When the class is over, the person teaching this class, nor anyone at Nancy Mosser Casting, will be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials. Please note that the person teaching this class is not a casting director and is not involved with the casting process at our company.